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New Construction? Don’t Forget Smart Home Cabling (Or You’ll Be Sorry 😢)

When building a new home, it is extremely advantageous to install all smart home cabling before drywall and insulation goes in. Owners will save time and money by cabling each room according to their current smart device needs, while also considering future expansions. Think to yourself, “will the wiring in my home meet my needs in 10 years?” According to Statista and Investopedia, 21.5% of homes are projected to be smart homes by 2025 compared to 12% in 2021. It is likely this statistic will continue to rise because smart devices provide convenience, efficiency and security.

What to consider:

First, get out your floorplan. Then, map out smart device locations and cabling needs based on the function of the space. Ask yourself questions like, would I like music or surround sound in the living room or loft? Does my kitchen need additional wiring to accommodate smart appliances? Will my workspace need TV and Internet? Will the garage door be controlled by a smart device? Do I plan to use smart security? Fun fact – smart locks and cameras are among the most popular smart security products (according to Security Sales & Integration). Questions like theses can get you thinking about your smart home cabling needs.

Future expansion:

It is also important to decide if cabling pathways should be run to connect major sections of the home to the network. Cable pathways ensure that future technology projects are achievable. Especially in homes with cathedral ceilings, where attic space is limited. They create a pathway for cables to run from one section of the home to another, at any given time. Pathways greatly decrease the likelihood that walls will need to be torn open when additional smart devices or cables are needed. They can also save you from having cables secured to the exterior of your home, creating an unwanted eye-sore.

Smart cabling services offered by Intechtel:

    • TV/Coax cabling
    • Speaker audio cabling
    • Data cabling – Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a
    • Internet cabling
    • Fiber Optic
    • Pathways/Smurf Tube Installation

Types of smart devices that may require data cabling or wiring:

    • Smart thermostats
    • Smart displays
    • Smart cameras
    • Smart doorbell
    • Smart garage opener
    • Smart security system
    • Smart gardens and irrigation
    • Smart appliances
    • Smart light switches
    • Smart wall outlet
    • Smart smoke alarms
    • Smart speakers


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