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Managed Network & Firewall Services

Instead of investing capital into networking, businesses may opt for managed network services. These services make networking an operational cost versus a large, upfront investment. Intechtel provides the network equipment as a service to customers as part of our managed network services. Another main benefit of using a managed network is ongoing technical support and maintenance. Managed network services include a few key components such as a firewall with IPS, wireless (WIFI) access points and a network switch.


Managed Firewall Datasheet

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Managed Firewall with IPS: As a Service (FaaS)

Your business depends on safe, secure, high-performance communications with partners, suppliers, customers, and remote employees. Gateways that provide access to your networks can be the critical failure point. Managed Firewall services help ensure that your network remains protected and secure. The Intechtel Managed Firewall solution provides a 24x7x365 state-of-the-art set of security services including Unified Threat Management (UTM) that we maintain to provide a best-in-class line of defense against Internet-based threats. The Intechtel team and its group of highly trained security resources, based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, will configure, deploy and assume the management of your managed firewall. The configuration and monitoring of the firewall will provide real-time responses and reporting about malicious activity based on threat assessments as well as the ability to control traffic on your local network. This robust service offering includes all the features necessary to help protect your business and ensure access while maintaining network performance, which is critical to help your organization thrive. Request a free consultation with an Intechtel firewall expert who can assess your current network environment and engineer a solution that is tailored to your business’s individual needs.

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Network Switch & Implementation

Intechtel installs and configures your network switches as well as monitors them for your company. Intechtel’s monitoring ensures that the network is secure at the switch level and vulnerabilities are eliminated.

Get infrastructure security from the local, trusted experts at Intechtel. Learn more about how your business could benefit from managed network and security services.

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Fully Managed Network with WiFi Access Points

Although some small businesses may opt for managed firewall and/or switch services, other businesses need a fully managed network with wireless access points and security.  Secure network connectivity and wireless (WiFi) access points are particularly important in the hospitality industry and for businesses offering WiFi access to customers. Intechtel installs, configures, secures and maintains all networking components, including wireless access points. Unsure of what managed network components your business needs? Contact Intechtel today to learn more.

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