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Intechtel specializes in business phone system installation, service and management in Coeur d’Alene and surrounding areas. All systems are built using industry best practices and offer maximum reliability. Receive a free on-site survey and professional recommendation. 

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Cloud-Based Office Phones

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For Any Sized Office

Secure and reliable cloud-hosted PBX

Expertly built configuration

Customized to fit your needs

Small Office Phones

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Designed for Small Offices

Up to 25 phones

Expertly built configuration

Server on-premises 

Medium Office Phones

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For Medium to Large Offices 

25 phones or more

Expertly built configuration

Server on-premises 

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Intechtel installs and services the best in VoIP, PBX, office phones and multi-line systems, including 4 line phone systems. Not sure what type of phone system you need? View or print this one-page flyer or view table below for more information.

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Hosted VS On Premise Phone Systems

Hosted PBX or VoIP phone systems are cloud-based, while on premise phone systems are independent phone systems with servers and hardware on site.  Each type of system has pros and cons. Read below to learn more about hosted vs on premises phone systems. 



Description Description
Equipment is maintained at off-site data center and is cloud-based. The phone systems connect to data center over the Internet connection. Equipment is kept on-site. Premises phone systems are connected locally to the on-site server.
Features Features
Call control, collaboration, call management, messaging, voicemail, mobility, contacts, call training, web-based management, contact center, integrations, analytics Call control, collaboration, call management, messaging, voicemail, mobility, contacts, call training, web-based management, contact center, integrations, analytics
Cost of Service Cost of Service


No equipment maintenance cost

Much lower set-up cost

Operational expense model



Ongoing monthly cost


  Not locked into a monthly plan

  Potentially lower total cost of ownership, especially with growth

  Company asset



  Higher initial set-up cost

  Equipment maintenance and support costs

Future Expansion Future Expansion


Less risk, work and complexity – provider is responsible

Quickly grow and easily cut-back

No manual maintenance or updates



Can be limited on number of phones based on bandwidth/network


Complete control of expansion

Flexibility – switch solutions or mix and match



A larger systems means more complexity you will have to manage on your own

Installation and planning take time

Control Control


No updates and maintenance – provider is responsible



No control over your system. The provider has actual control of the phone system.


Total control over your phone system

Able to really customize to match needs



All maintenance, updates, fixes and support must be handled internally or hired out by the company.

Flexibility Flexibility


Provider may provide solutions that a business could not financially afford if obtained independently



Some features and options don’t scale up cost-effectively


Total flexibility – Phone system owners can do as they wish with their equipment.



Changes can be expensive. Some companies may not have the IT or financial resources to make major changes.

Implementation Implementation


IT personnel or contractor typically trains staff



May take longer

More equipment needed


Easy to get started

Inexpensive to implement

Not dependent on IT personnel



Training will be required for users. Training may or may not be offered by providers.

Recommended For Recommended For
Any business that wants a lower initial start-up cost and quick implementation. This may be an appealing option for small businesses or start-ups businesses. Businesses or enterprises with the available IT budget to afford the initial set-up cost and have a need for more control and flexibility. Or, businesses that don’t want to be locked into a monthly fee for the duration of the phone system’s use.

Business Phone Systems – Coeur d’Alene, Spokane Area

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With so many options, we know that buying a phone system for your business is often a daunting task. Navigating the waters of proprietary, closed, and feature-lacking systems is now a thing of the past. Intechtel builds and deploys systems with a nearly unlimited feature set as a standard that will work with traditional phone service, cellular services, and Voice over IP (VoIP.)

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