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Intechtel is a cybersecurity company in Coeur d’alene, ID, in additional to providing other Internet, technology and telephone services. We believe it’s important for businesses to know that cyberattacks are becoming an increasing threat to businesses of all sizes, and your business needs to be prepared. According to some frightening statistics from Firewall Times, 61% of small businesses experienced some kind of a cyberattack in the last year (2021.)

To defend against such attacks, Intechtel recommends a multi-layer cybersecurity strategy that includes managed anti-virus, managed DNS security, managed firewall with IPS, email filtering, and ongoing employee training. While each service is available and effective on its own, the combination of all these layers creates a much more robust cybersecurity package. Learn more about each service below or call Intechtel, a cybersecurity company for CDA and the Spokane area,  for more information. Also, check out this castle analogy blog to better understand how cybersecurity works.

*Explore our free cybersecurity resource that includes pertinent information to help businesses protect vital data and infrastructure. 

Looking to protect your business from cyber threats?

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Not quite sure that you need IT management, but know you need protection from the ever increasing cyberattack risk your business faces? Intechtel offers comprehensive protection for your computers, servers, and network all for one low monthly price. Starting at only $30/month you can get our advanced endpoint security with malware and ransomware protection, network/DNS protection, and extended detection and response (EDR) plus security awareness training. Contact us for details. 

Managed Antivirus Service:

With nearly a million new threats to your computers and networks being created each day, it is critical to have the most up-to-date protection available. Antivirus protection is intended to protect your computer or device from cyber threats and attacks. Intechtel uses an advanced antivirus strategy that utilizes predictive behavior recognition technology coupled with the almost limitless processing power of cloud computing. Outdated antivirus detection tends to be ineffective and easily overwhelmed by modern malware threats. Unlike with conventional antivirus protection, malware and zero-day threats are stopped at the second of attack. Also, no more remembering to update antivirus software. Regularly scheduled updates are cloud-based and only take about 30 seconds, never impacting device performance.


Endpoint detection and Response (EDR):

Going beyond the typical signature based antivirus/antimalware is something called EDR which differs from AV in that it integrates realtime behavioral analysis with automated response and remediation tools to provide a deeper layer of security for a computer that goes beyond, but works in concert with, traditional Anti Virus software/services. While AV software might tell you that you have a virus and what it did with it, EDR goes a step further and provides powerful forensic tools that helps show the attack vector that was exploited, what processes within the system were altered, and what user accounts were used to perform or attempt to perform the attack.  This is enormously helpful to us in determining the “what, why, and how” of a breech, and is a component of our managed services security stack as well as being available ala carte with our managed antivirus and managed DNS services. 


Managed DNS Security:

Intechtel’s managed DNS service, powered by Cisco, protects your network from a variety of malicious content while allowing you a granular level of control over the sites that are accessible from your network. Our managed DNS uses big data analytics to help predict and identify sites that could pose a security risk to you and your business data. In addition, this managed service not only blocks threats but can identify and contain more advanced attacks before damage can be done inside the network. This highly effective DNS service won’t add latency like alternative security products have been known for in the past. There is also no need for hardware installation, updates or regular maintenance.


Managed Firewall with IPS (Intrusion Prevention System):

Unlike the DNS security service Intechtel offers that is cloud-based, the firewall with IPS is installed on-location near the network server. This on-site firewall offers an additional layer of protection as it denies unauthorized access and malicious activities at the network level. IPS works by preventing unwanted traffic to reach it’s intended victim. Suspicious data packets are immediately dropped before they cause extreme damage to the network. Additionally, a firewall with IPS not only monitors network traffic but protects against intrusions that take place on the network itself.  Managed firewalls with IPS are available as part of our managed networking offerings. 


Ongoing Employee Training:

Even with the most advanced cybersecurity services, it is imperative that employees understand risks and defenses.  If employees aren’t careful, they may unknowingly permit threats or cyberattacks. That’s where Intechtel’s hands-on and digital training come in. Intechtel can ensure that each employee learns and demonstrates an understanding of cybersecurity. This layer of protection is vital in any business with multiple employees. Regarding internal security, Intechel can create parameters and access barriers to lower risk from inside attacks.


Business Continuity Disaster Recovery (BCDR):

It should be said that no company can guarantee 100% protection against cyberattacks. Intechtel’s BCDR services are a set of processes that help a business continue operating after a cyberattack or major data loss. A main function of this service is ensuring proper back up data is stored and available should a natural or cyber disaster take place. This BCDR service is recommended to be used with cybersecurity services.

Business Continuity Disaster Recovery for Coeur d'Alene, Spokane Area

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    Moving Forward After a Cyber Attack

    We understand that being victimized by cybercrime can be devastating. You may not even know the extent of the destruction after an attack has taken place. Intechtel can do a full audit of the data loss and damage, and can help strategize and implement a plan to get your business back up and running as a quickly as possible. To help prevent future cyber attacks, Intechtel will implement a proven cybersecurity strategy that combines security software, hardware, services, employee training and BCDR. Contact Intechtel today to learn more. 

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