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Intechtel is the trusted source for technology deployments and Data/Voice cabling projects in the inland Northwest. We provide local service to businesses of all sizes across the region, and the result is always the same. Superior service, quality workmanship, and dedicated support. Your technology and network wiring projects are a critical element to your organization, and we understand that. This is why we guarantee all of our work and warranty our cable installations for LIFE. Whether you just need a single cable run or an entire store or office pre-cabled, Intechtel can help.

Same and Next-Day on site service available in Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, Hayden, Spokane, Wa and surrounding areas.

Maybe your data room or network closet looks like mess of blue spaghetti? This can make it difficult to track down issues, make changes to your network, and have a huge impact on the performance of your Internet and network. We understand that over the years a cable here and a cable there adds up, so let Intechtel come clean that cabling up and be proud of your data room again!

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Below are a few of the technology deployment and structured cabling services we offer:

  • New and existing construction phone and data cabling (Coax, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, and Fiber Optic)
  • Phone, data, and video jack installation, repair, and relocation
  • Cable clean-up, cable testing, cable certification, and cable identification/locating
  • Large scale retail location technology and network deployments
  • Move, Add, and Change services
  • Wireless network and access point deployments
  • Point-of-Sale installations, repairs, and support
  • Network cable management
  • Network rack and stack services
  • Enterprise technology and systems conversions

Network Cable Clean-Ups Before & After

network cable clean up

network cabling clean up

Data Cabling Types and Planning


Whether you are cabling for a new building, adding additional network drops, or doing a remodel where your data cabling will be exposed, it is important to plan and budget for the right cabling upfront. Not to meet the needs of today, but to meet your needs well into the future.

Cat5e is very much the standard in network data cabling even in 2018. A tenfold improvement over Cat5, It offers data transfer rates of up to 1000 megabits per second (or 1 Gigabit per second) at up to 328 feet due to the tighter twisting of each additional pair of wires contained within the jacket which helps to attenuate crosstalk. Cat5e is well understood, easy to work with, and affordable. For most small business applications Cat5e cable will suffice, but as the demands of our data consumption and usage continue to grow at an exponential rate, this may not always be the case.

Costs vary by brand and generally a higher cost correlates with a higher quality product. Buying the cheapest cable out there is probably not the best idea when budgeting and planning for your network. Construction and build quality issues can wreak havoc on your installation, and the cost savings rarely if ever outweigh the pain of the possible issues following installation


Cat6 is the gold standard in data network cable today. Improving further upon the design of Cat5e, Cat6 allows for data transfer rates of up to 10 Gigabits per second at up to approximately 180 feet. These speeds are achieved by even more twists per inch per pair than Cat5e, and the addition of a plastic crosstalk divider in the center of the jacket that separates each of the four pairs.

Greater care must be taken during the installation and termination of Cat6 to ensure that the full potential of this cable can be achieved. The use of Cat6 data jacks and Cat6 patch panels is also necessary when using cat 6 if you want to be able to realize the cables full potential, but Cat6 is backwards compatible with Cat5e Jacks, ends, and patch panels.

Cat6 cabling, jacks, patch panels, and ends are usually more expensive than Cat5e due to the higher quality materials and the more expensive manufacturing process needed to meet the Cat6 standard. That being said, if you project your data needs growing over time, investing in Cat6 upfront is a safe and wise bet.

Still curious about the difference between these cabling standards, or want to talk about the cost difference for your upcoming project? Give us a call at 208-635-4400.

Cat5e, Cat6, and other types of data cables can have conductors that are made of either copper or copper clad aluminum (CCA,) but which one is best and why?

CCA is a less expensive alternative to solid copper that has uses in many applications, but your data network should not be one of them. Ever. CCA does not meet the standards for UA or TIA certification, which may not sound like a big deal at first, but when issues arise the cost savings are usually evaporated in service calls and repairs.

Another concern is that CCA data cables are more prone to breakage due to their weak flexibility characteristics when compared to the softer copper. This can mean issues at the time of installation and during any changes to patch panels or data jacks. CCA also has higher resistance than copper does, and does not help your case when adding power over Ethernet (PoE) to your network. The higher resistance results in more heat, which could be a fire hazard under a high enough load.

You can easily identify CCA cable before purchase as it will likely be substantially less expensive than many of the other cables you are also looking at. After purchase, you can strip the jacket on one of the pairs and cut the cable to see the silvery aluminum core.

At Intechtel, we NEVER use or install CCA in any application. The risks and costs to you are simply not worth the trivial cost savings. When getting bids for your data cabling, always make sure that the vendor uses a quality solid copper cable from a reputable source. Your network and your wallet will thank you!

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