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Business Dedicated Fiber Optic Internet & Repair Services

$225/ per mo
Dedicated Fiber Internet 200X200
  • Free on-site survey
$300/ per mo
Dedicated Fiber Internet 500X500
  • Free on-site survey
$400/ per mo
Dedicated Fiber Internet 1000X1000
  • Free on-site survey
$Varies/ per mo
Dedicated Fiber Internet 5G
  • Free on-site survey
$Varies/ per mo
Dedicated Fiber Internet 10G
  • Free on-site survey

High-Speed Fiber Optic Internet for Business

Business fiber optic Internet for Coeur d’alene and North Idaho is growing in popularity due to its speed and reliability. Typically, home Internet services are better suited for residential use. Fiber optic Internet is dedicated, high-speed Internet delivered over a direct optical fiber connection to your specific location. The optical cable connection ensures that your Internet service and everything that depends on it is extremely fast and reliable. Bandwidth is generally dedicated solely to your location instead of being shared with other subscribers in your area. 

Business grade fiber optic services almost always come with a service level agreement or SLA. An SLA is a guarantee to meet certain targets such as uptime, packet delivery, latency, and repair time in the case of an outage or an issue with the aforementioned. These benefits are essential for businesses that depend on Internet services and cannot afford downtime or bandwidth quality issues.

Fiber optic Internet tends to be one of the more expensive business Internet services. This is due in part to construction costs, the high service quality, uptime commitments and because of the dedicated nature of the bandwidth. In most cases construction costs can be waived with a term commitment.

Fiber is an excellent choice for rapidly growing businesses and businesses that have a large amount of real-time traffic such as VoIP phones, video conferencing, or businesses with symmetrical (same upload and download speed) bandwidth needs. Fiber optic services would also be ideal for businesses that need flexibility to grow into speeds from 50Mbps to 10Gbps. 

Installation fee of $995 waived during promotional period. Call 208.635.4400 today.

Dedicated Bandwidth

Unlike with DSL and cable Internet, fiber optic Internet gives you entirely dedicated bandwidth with no disruption.

Speeds From 50Mbps to 10Gbps

If you need FAST internet for your business, fiber optic Internet is ideal.

On-going Fiber Optic Internet Support

Intechtel will survey your location and recommend a fiber optic Internet package in addition to on-going support.

Fiber Optic Repair

Finding a Break – OTDR

An Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) is used to test the integrity of fiber optic cables. A break can be due to natural causes, accidents or, occasionally, it can be due to the twists and turns necessary to install fiber optic cable. Avoid time-consuming digging and unnecessary searching by hiring an Intechtel technician to professionally locate and test fiber optic cable for faults.  An OTDR can create a clean fiber optic cable graph with proper signal loss values when all cables are working correctly. When a break happens, the place on the graph where the route stops, spikes, or drops is often the problem area and can be accurately identified. Call today to learn more about fiber optic installation and repair for Coeur d’Alene, Hayden, Post Falls, North Idaho, and surrounding areas.

Fixing a Break – Fusion Splicing

Intechtel offers fiber optic repair and termination/re-termination for inside and outside plant, including single-mode and multimode fiber. We can save you hundreds, if not thousands, by repairing expensive cabling using industry standard fusion splicing technology. Our fiber optic repair services will make your broken fiber optics almost as good as new. Call Intechtel today for more information or learn more on our cabling installation and repair page.

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