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About Us

Intechtel was founded to provide a single company to handle all the aspects that a home or business could need in Internet, Technology, and Telephone services under one roof and with one call. We live and work in the same communities here in North Idaho and Eastern Washington as you do and have a vested interest in providing the best services available to meet your needs, and your budget.

When you work with Intechtel, we handle all of the aspects of your relationship with the providers you choose. From customer service to tech support and more. Instead of having to make several phone calls, to several different companies, and always getting a different person every time to re-explain your request to, you have a single point of contact throughout.

Intechtel is partnered with the best names in the industry, and are empowered with all of the resources, pricing, promotions ,and information to give you a straight forward answer to your inquiry.

We are here to serve you, and invite you to contact us anytime by phone at 208-635-4400 or email us at info@intechtel.com

Thanks for stopping by!

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