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How to Set Up Professional Video Conferencing

How to Set Up Professional Video Conferencing


Today, were talking about video conferencing. You know, that thing we all used to do (and hate) and now we’re forced to do every day? Yeah, that. There are a lot of video conferencing options out there and many of us have been forced to work with what we have. Sometimes, that’s a laptop camera and microphone that sounds terrible and looks even worse. Instead, check out what we install for clients looking for a more professional solution to video conferencing.

Professional Display

Our video conferencing solution includes a professional display that is meant to be run continuously. These displays are meant to have the same static image on them all the time, such as the boxes that frame around you in a Zoom meeting, for example.

4k Camera

We couple the display with a 4k camera that has a variety of lens settings, from wide to narrow. This enables it to properly fit any conference room, regardless of the size. It also has a duel element microphone to really capture that sound. And, echo cancelation is built in to make sure you don’t get any echo when you’re speaking in a large room.

Dedicated PC

We also install a PC that is solely dedicated to all things conferencing. It has a 4k output and can take inputs such as a microphone, remote control, keyboard or a mouse. We typically install a keyboard and mouse so that someone can use it to control a meeting, bring up statistics, or bring up web pages as needed for the meeting. It’s a computer, so it can do just about everything.

Ongoing Support and Training

Tech support is the main benefit with the Intechtel solution. We don’t just install and walk out. People often need help getting into their Zoom meetings, getting though some of the settings, optimizing the new products, etc. And, that’s really where the support and local-feel comes into play. If you have questions about video conferencing or want to know how these solutions might work for you, give us a call – (208)635-4400.

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