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Slow Loading and Tune Ups

Missing the days when your computer ran like new? Much like maintenance on your car, the occasional tune-up of your computer can keep it running like new and we can help you get that computer running faster, loading quicker, and responding like it should. We’ll also advise you if an upgrade of memory or hard drive would help you achieve even greater performance by analyzing the programs you have added since you bought your computer.

We provide a 6 month guarantee on all tune-ups.
If you find your computer slowing down again within that time, we will come out and get it back up to speed, at no additional cost. Call or text us at 208-635-4400 to schedule an appointment.

What we will do:

  • Maximize efficiency of your computers startup, shutdown, and operation
  • Install any recommended windows and software updates 
  • Remove unused and/or trial programs
  • Ensure antivirus, malware, or spyware programs are operating properly
  • Check internet security options and ensure they are configured correctly
  • Cleanup your desktop and organize files more efficiently
  • Remove dust from computer case and fans
  • Advise and discuss upgrade options to further increase performance
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