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Wireless Network Security

Securing your wireless network at home properly is important not only to protect your personal information and files, but your speed as well.

Wireless networking is inherently risky as you are sending data over the air. Information from your wireless network can be intercepted just like signals from cell or cordless phones.

Whenever a wireless connection is being utilized, it is important to ensure that your business and files are private and secured. If your wireless networks are not secure, its possible for someone to intercept your files, personal information, emails, and anything else on your network and use your Internet connection to distribute their own information and files.

The level of security you need really depends on how you plan on using your network. If you are only browsing the Internet, listening to music, or watching movies, you may not care if anyone picks that up, but that’s up to you. However, if your information is confidential or if you want more security, there are several different ways to secure your network, and the experts at Intechtel can help you decide which method is best for your situation. call or text us at 208-635-4400 or email us at info@intechtel.com to discuss your needs. We always offer a free security analysis and securing of your network with any router installation or purchase.

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