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Wireless Networking

Wireless connectivity to computers, printers, and mobile devices is becoming almost a necessity these days. Let us help you get all of your devices connected and secured with professional in home setup, installation, and securing of your network. We can work with your existing or pre-purchased router, or we can survey your home or business and get you connected with the right router for the job. Call us at 208-635-4400 to schedule an appointment. Same day service is available in most cases.

Whats included?

  • Setup and integration with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) (including static IP if applicable)
  • Securing of your wireless network to prevent use and access of your files by unauthorized parties
  • Configuration of guest network (if hardware is capable) so guests can access internet, but not personal files
  • Connection of devices that will use the network and/or Internet such as Printers, Gaming Consoles, Cameras, iPad, tablets, phones, TV’s, Blu-Ray Players, etc
  • Configure VoIP to work with your network (if applicable)
  • Diagnose and repair any connectivity issues
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