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What is a MSP? Managed Services Provider

What is a MSP and Do You Need One?

Today we’re going to be talking about managed services providers (MSP), specifically within the IT industry. You may have heard this term – MSP or managed services. I want to tell you a little more about what that is and why it could be beneficial to your business or operation.

What is an MSP?

A managed service provider essentially takes over the day-to-day functions of IT and technology management for businesses, some large homes, enterprises, etc. The idea behind a managed services provider differs from break/fix services.

So, let’s say your computer breaks. With break/fix, you call the repair person out, they come out, they diagnose it, they fix it, you pay the bill, and that’s the end of the relationship. With a managed services provider, you basically have an IT specialist on retainer, somebody that’s constantly watching your organization. The managed services provider will usually install software on computers and networks to monitor, maintain, and protect them from inside and outside threats.

Predictable Billing

One of the big benefits behind an MSP is the predictable nature of the billing. Let’s say one month, with a traditional break-fix computer repair outfit, you have a ton of computers that break, and it costs thousands of dollars – or a data breach, or a data loss. It makes it unpredictable and difficult in order to budget for IT costs on an ongoing basis. With managed services providers, you can typically get a flat (or near flat) IT fee for all your IT needs. The fee is typically based on the number of devices that you have on your network or number of employees. Every MSP is a little bit different in that regard.

Rapid Response

You can also expect that a managed services provider will typically give you a more rapid response when you have a problem than a with a break/fix client. MSPs will take care of computers and networks by protecting them, monitoring them, and setting up an alert system. This is a pro-active service rather than a reactive service.

Increased Efficiency 

With this option, you really can see an increase in efficiency. An MSP allows you to focus on what you do best. Handing off IT to a managed services provider can be a huge benefit in certain cases. If you have more questions about what an MSP is and how it can benefit your business or organization, give us a shout at Intechtel.com or (208) 635-4400.

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