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What is Wi-Fi 6?

Learn more about how Wi-Fi 6 works. Also learn what Wi-Fi 6 means for hotels, motels, RV parks, and the rest of us. Plus, is it actually faster? Find out now from a local tech expert and owner of Intechtel in Coeur d’Alene, ID.

Hey everyone, Adam with Intechtel here. I’m here with a quick tech tip today and today were going to be talking about Wi-Fi 6. What is Wi-Fi 6? Well Wi-Fi 6 is the next iteration of Wi-Fi following 802.11ac – which came about in about 2013, and just about every router that has been manufactured since, has featured.

Well, with Wi-Fi 6, we take things a step further. We can compress more data, more information into the same 5GHz frequency, but it also opens up the 6GHz spectrum. Now think of 6GHz as an untapped, superhighway with tons of lanes of traffic that can handle just about everything you can throw at it, and then some! It is an untapped frequency that has no other competitors on it. Whereas 5GHz has started to get a little bit congested with everybody having 5G or 5GHz turned on on their home routers and other infrastructure, such as wireless access points.

But, with Wi-Fi 6 all that’s going to change. Wi-Fi 6 is also backwards compatible with wireless ac, which means all your existing devices will still work with Wi-Fi 6. There aren’t that many devices out right now that support Wi-Fi 6. For example, the Note 20 and the Note 10, DO support Wi-Fi 6. And, you’ll notice that if you go into an area where there’s a Wi-Fi 6 access point, you can give that a tap as if you were to connect to Wi-Fi and you’d be able to see a little 6 in there.

We’ve been doing some speed testing here at Intechtel with Wi-Fi 6 and have found that the speeds, with similar hardware, are approximately 50% faster than on 802.11ac or wireless AC, so promising results. Not a lot that are supporting it, but for people in the hotel industry, outdoor venues, stadiums, RV parks, this is really going to be a game-changer as it will allow so many more devices to be connected without having to add a ton of new hardware and being able to preserve the existing investment and hardware you already have. For question give us a shout at Intechtel – Intechtel.com, (208) 635-4400. That’s is for now!

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